The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is a highly engaging museum located in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  It features an extensive variety of exhibits ranging from transportation to sociology. For example, the Museum features a real United Airlines Boeing 727 hanging from the balcony that is accessible to visitors, a captured German U-Boat, and a model of an early 20th century American town.

Industrial highlights include a passenger train, the Pioneer Zephyr (regarded as the first successful futuristic streamlined locomotive in America); an overview of nautical innovation; and a reconstructed Wright Brothers’ flyer. An additional train themed area is “The Great Train Story”, a miniature railroad depicting the flow of commerce on American railways featuring a 1,400 foot route from Seattle to Chicago.

Science related areas include The Henry Crown Space Center, containing such things as the Apollo 8 crew module and an inflatable Moon base. The Museum has a highly personalized exhibit demonstrating how the Internet operates as a superhighway of information (requires a small fee). An Omnimax theatre features interesting science related films.

Seasonally, the Museum features “Christmas Trees from Around the World” showcasing global differences in holiday décor.

This educational and fun museum will satisfy all ages. It provides the young with opportunities for scientific exploration and gives adults an absorbing look into a wide array of interesting topics.

A visitor hoping to tour the museum in one day may not get to spend much time at all areas due to the Museum’s immense size.

Amenities include a food court with options like hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza; Jazzman’s café, a quick-service eatery; an ice cream parlor; and three gift shops.